OCRA-Funded Research Breakthroughs in 2019

OCRA-funded scientists have been hard at work this year, uncovering breakthroughs in ovarian cancer prevention, diagnostics, and treatment that can save women’s lives.

Our grantees have made incredible progress toward better understanding and eradicating ovarian cancer. Their findings will have real-life impact for women and families battling this disease — and these stunning advancements would not have been possible without your support.

Learn more about the groundbreaking discoveries made by OCRA grantees this year alone in the fight against ovarian cancer. Thanks to you, we…

These discoveries are nothing short of incredible. For the survivors, patients and families living with ovarian cancer, they can be life-saving. But we aren’t done yet. There is still so much further to go — and we will not stop until we’ve created a world where no woman has to fear the words “You have ovarian cancer.”

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