OCRA Now Accepting Applications for 2021 Research Grants

(June 11, 2020) Letters of Intent (LOIs) for Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance’s 2021 scientific grant awards are now open for submission. LOIs are due by July 10, 2020.

Accepting LOIs is step one of OCRA’s highly competitive grant process. 

After LOIs are received, they are reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), an esteemed group of respected leaders in the ovarian cancer field. Based on their LOIs, a subset of top-ranked applicants are then invited to submit full, detailed applications for their proposed projects. Applications are put through rigorous, independent peer review from our SAC, who seek out the most promising, innovative projects that will build on current knowledge and drive the science forward, leading to better treatments, prevention, detection and ultimately, cures.

Heller Lab Group

Each year, a new and returning crop of illustrious grantees makes major headway in the fight against this disease. In 2019 alone, OCRA grantees:

With areas of focus in immunotherapy, metastasis, combination and targeted therapies, drug resistance, disease origin, and more, these scientists are on the cutting edge, working diligently to add to the medical community’s collective knowledge of this complicated disease to lead to real-life improvements for people with ovarian cancer.

We look forward to sharing our 2021 grantees and their exciting projects with you in the coming months. 

Interested in applying? Learn more about our grant programs and application process. 

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