OCRF Partners with GCF to Continue Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Research



Gynecologic Cancer Foundation Bulletin
Summer 2008

The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) is partnering with GCF to fund further research on ovarian cancer symptoms to refine and test the systematic use of an ovarian cancer symptom index in women over the age of 40 in primary care clinics as a way of screening for the disease in the general population.

OCRF will underwrite the pilot project which builds upon an original symptom study conducted by SGO/GCF member Dr. Barbara Goff which formed the basis of the first national Consensus Statement on Ovarian Cancer Symptoms.

“The OCRF Symptoms Screening Index Study will also provide the preliminary information needed for a large scale multi-site screening trial that could answer the question as to whether or not identification of ovarian cancer through symptom detection can in fact save lives and if it also is cost-effective,” said Elizabeth Howard, OCRF CEO.

This research grant will be offered as part of GCF 2008-2009 Research Grants and Awards program (see article below for details.)

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