The Overview: June 2024

Amazon MGM Studios’ Debra Birnbaum, Media Visionary & Ovarian Cancer Survivor, Joins OCRA Board of Directors

Photo: Debra Birnbaum headshot
Debra Birnbaum

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is proud to announce that Debra Birnbaum has joined its Board of Directors. Birnbaum is an  accomplished multi-platform content creator and media strategist with over 20 years of experience covering news and entertainment, and the current global head of awards for Amazon MGM Studios. 

Birnbaum’s own connection to ovarian cancer adds a deeply personal dimension to her new role, as she was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 17 and experienced a recurrence at age 20.

Read more in The Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and Yahoo! Life.

Audra Moran, OCRA’s President & CEO, Discusses the Changing Oncology Landscape

OCRA’s Audra Moran spoke at the most recent Patient Organization Webinar Series, presented by IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science. The series brings together patients, caregivers, and thought leaders to discuss pressing topics facing organizations working to improve patient outcomes.

Chad Ramsey standing in front of Capitol
Chad Ramsey, OCRA’s Vice President, Policy

OCRA’s Advocate’s Corner 

June is Uterine Cancer Awareness Month, and OCRA’s Advocate Leaders are pushing for a $10 million increase for federal uterine/endometrial cancer research to fund more breakthroughs against the deadliest gynecologic cancer. Learn more in OCRA’s Advocate’s Corner.

Register for OCRA’s International Gynecologic Cancer Conference 

Join us September 25th – 27th for the largest conference for the ovarian and gynecologic cancer community. Our conference is held online, so you can learn the latest in diagnosis, treatment, and care, plus find new resources, support, and community connection, all without leaving home. The first 500 people to register will receive a Connection Kit in the mail. Sign up today.

What Black Women Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer & Clinical Trials 

Clinical trials offer early access to new therapies and contribute to scientific progress. Explore insights on ovarian cancer clinical trials and their significance in advancing treatment options for patients, and view clinical trials available for Black women, at

Summer Roundtables: Navigating Cancer with Children 

OCRA is offering two special virtual roundtables for those who are parenting while managing life with gynecologic cancer. Join us July 11th at 3pm ET to meet other parents of young children and share experiences, and on August 15th at 3pm ET for a session on talking to children about cancer. Advance registration is required.

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